17 September 2013

Operation Sedgwick and MK Ultra

I don't know how legit this video or its claims are, but here you go.

This is Robert Connors, ex DOD operative (20+ years) and Iran and Vietnam vet. On March 1994, Mr.Connors was the Director of Communications for the project Operation Sedgwick (formed by President Reagan in 1989). This was stage two of a main project, MK Ultra: "it's focus and sole purpose was the control of the African American population, and urban youth, through music." He then claims to have multiple classified video and audio recordings which he was ordered to destroy. These include information about the Tupac Shakur murder. Connors ends the video with an ultimatum: "I am giving the DOD until Monday, September 23rd to do the right thing and disclose this information. If they do not, I will release these tapes to the media outlets and into public domain via YouTube." Once his speech is done he plays an alleged conversation between Michael Jackson and a friend before his untimely death.

I've heard/read similar conspiracy theories in the last couple of years. They sometimes involve the government, but they mostly coincide with the theme of Hip-Hop being used as a tool for subjugation and propaganda. The premise is primarily of shadowy entities who have infiltrated Hip-Hop and managed to use the medium to manipulate the culture. As crazy as it sounds, some conspiracies have foundations in factual events. When Pac died, there was a lot of "the government assassinated him" talk. Same with Biggie. If you look at Pac, his movements were very conscience and introspective. Once he realized the power of this words, he started to make sure they counted. Hip-Hop has become a multi-million dollar global business, man. First you get the money, then you get the power, then you are able to control a generation. It is easy to see the influence Hip-Hop has, especially on the youth (please stop saggin skinny jeans..just stop). The airways are filled with homogeneous noise with the same hypnotic message: pop bottles, smash models, take that take that take that. Dudes are trying to do their best "I'm a thug rapper trapper" pose on Facebook, girls are twerking so much they damn near catching on fire (yes..I know it was fake) or shocking the world because they did it on MTV. Don't even want to start on BET. So like I said, maybe Connors is crazy/faking, but the theories are not.

As I mentioned, we at BITM can not validate this video or the claims made by Robert Connors. But I guess we will know if he is the real deal this Monday (23rd). Stay tuned and we will keep uall updated. Leave comments below, definitely want to know what the Hip-Hop nation thinks.


  1. See 12 yrs of research in the book/film: The FBI War on Tupac Shakur and Black Leaders: U.S. Intelligence's Murderous Targeting of Tupac, MLK, Malcolm, Panther, Hendrix, Marley, Rappers and Linked Ethnic Leftists, by John Potash.

    1. just peeped it a few hours ago. def has elements of other hip-hop conspiracies i've heard before: death row records as govt organization, pac's sexual assault trial, as well as pac's death. it was very interesting to see how there seems to be a solid pattern throughout history. i knew pac's life was very intertwined with the black panthers..but aint know how much. good looks on recommendation.

    2. This man is actor Shane Schultz

    3. ha..yeah. after the post on monday (23rd) figured as much. turned out to be a very intricate promo for prince ea. peep newer post to view his vid. its an interesting setup..there's is def a lot of thought that went into the connors bit and the track as well.

  2. Thanks I'll have to check that out. Also Alex Constantine cias covert war against rock. I have a letter from tupac's family to biggies family giving their condolences and saying they believe the CIA killed them both similar to operations conducted against black panthers etc that Obama infiltrated. Also, Robert Connors has all but disappeared. I think he must have been killed is my guess. And I can't find any info about Sedgwick but have read mk ultra congressional hearings And also have a memo from zbigniew brzinski to Carter about a plan to suppress black Americans by making sure black Africans were suppressed.